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August, 2013 की पोस्ट दिखाई जा रही हैं
1. From the Embryo of poetry
Gave meaning to anguishes accumulated each of the word for every alphabet a day became years of duodecimal 
Ages to seek a line emerges Pullulates bit of stratum  of deep struck grief
line adds to line corpus nous crop up contrivance pilus n pore showers delight from soul
under the encumbrance of anguishes in a moment of emancipation from the embryo of poetry it is my rebirth
Embryo - womb Duodecimal - term used for twelve. Pullulates -  cracks Corpus - body Nous - mind

2. I'm Human
Be blessed  with your god your fear of fraud doesn't bothers me
I shaped  your God and handed him charges of destiny
My fist contains Warmth, Air, Water Power of centuries  are beneath my feet
Will challenge  Oceans and Mountains pave up ways for the progress
Unconquerable, redoubtable  is my conation wisdom and device Human I am  

3. Trees should ...
To the rumours of whirlwinds trees should not succumb, should restrict branches from mutual abrasiveness without reason shoul…